Top 10 Breathtaking Locations In Canada

Canada is a country filled with natural wonders. From the high peaks and bright blue waters of the Rocky Mountains to the vibrant, turquoise oceans along its coasts, Canada is truly breathtaking. Here are some of Canada’s most spectacular:

10. Banff National Park, Alberta – Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, this park is home to some of Canada’s most striking scenery and wildlife. From crystal clear blue lakes and lush green forests to soaring mountain peaks and furry wild animals, visitors will find plenty to see and do at Banff!

9. Niagara Falls, Ontario – One of North America’s must-see natural wonders, Niagara Falls is a spectacular collection of three waterfalls along the border between Canada and the United States. Visitors can walk along its boardwalk or even take an exciting helicopter ride over the falls!

8. Georgian Bay Islands National Park, Ontario – Located on one of Canada’s largest freshwater islands, Georgian Bay Islands National Park features rugged cliffs and sandy beaches, along with plenty of nature trails that lead visitors to the many unique geologic features and animals.

7. Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, British Columbia – Located along a chain of islands on Canada’s Pacific coast, this national park is home to temperate rainforests, rocky seashores and old-growth forests. It also has some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities in all of Canada!

6. Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia – Located on Cape Breton Island off the east coast of Canada, this national park offers stunning ocean views as well as grassy highlands dotted with beautiful wildflowers. Whether hiking or driving through its beautiful landscapes, visitors will be truly amazed at what they find!

5. Kluane National Park and Reserve, Yukon – Located in the far northwestern corner of Canada’s mainland, this national park features soaring mountain peaks and deep forested valleys. With plenty of hiking trails and opportunities for wildlife viewing, it is a great place to experience the natural beauty of Canada!

4. Prince Edward Island National Park, Prince Edward Island – This national park takes up most of Prince Edward Island’s eastern coast, offering some truly breathtaking scenery from its white-sand beaches to its rolling green hills. It also has many miles of biking and hiking trails for nature lovers to explore!

3. Vancouver Island Marine Trail Parks Provincial Park, British Columbia – This provincial park is made up of a network of camping and boating sites spread out along Vancouver Island’s many bays and inlets. Visitors can travel by kayak or canoe to get from one site to the next, enjoying some of Canada’s most beautiful oceanscapes!

2. Fundy National Park, New Brunswick on New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy coast, this national park features unique rock formations alongside its beaches and marshes. It also offers great opportunities for hiking and wildlife viewing. Whether you want to explore its forests or spend time on the sand at low tide, there are plenty of natural wonders waiting for you here!

1. Torngat Mountains National Park, Newfoundland – This national park spans 9,700 square miles and covers much of the northern tip of Newfoundland. Located at the edge of a vast wilderness with no roads or permanent residents, it offers visitors truly untouched natural beauty. Visitors can explore its mountains and forests by hiking its many trails or traveling along its waterways on kayak or canoe. With so many stunning landscapes to choose from, this is one national park that will leave you breathless!